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Chopsticks Combo Deal


Make your own izakaya-grade chopsticks with Hamidashimono 「はみだしもの」.

They use upcycled cypress from the chopstick manufacturing process sourced directly from the Kitamura Seihashisho (chopstick factory) in Yoshino, Nara.

This bundle of premium cypress Hamidashimono can be used to whittle twenty-five pairs of chopsticks. Whittling is an ideal pre-meal activity, and can take as little as fifteen minutes to make a pair and months to master the craft.

While they have a standard length, all Hamidashimono are all slightly different thicknesses and finishes—it is up to you to whittle them into a perfect pair of chopsticks.

All wood comes from sustainable forests near Yoshino, Nara, in the heart of Japan’s timber country.

This kit includes:

  • 50 x Hamidashimono
  • 1 x Higonokami Superior Brass whittling knife
  • 10 x #240 grade sandpaper
  • 1 x cedar chopstick holder, ideal for displaying
  • 25 x Ue Washi Koubou hand made paper bands for wrapping chopsticks prior to use
  • An indigo dyed tenugui.
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