Reverse Sear Steak With Peanut Rāyu

Reverse Sear Steak With Peanut Rāyu

The low and slow approach gives a perfectly even, medium rare (sort of like sous-vide) followed by an incredible crust as soon as the meat hits the skillet.
For accuracy, it’s important to have a temperature probe but if you don’t have one, or don’t fancy it, just cook the steak whatever way you like. But doing it in a pan is important as it also produces the fond (caramelised golden brown sticky bits!) which add real depth to your sauce. For this method it’s essential to get a really thick cut steak, no less than 1 ½”. Any thinner and the steak will simply overcook. We served ours over rice with the saucy dressing made from all those delectable sticky bits as well as some sweet, sour and salty additions.
4 or 5 as part of a dish


A thick cut piece of your preferred steak, (we used T-Bone, cut around 2” thick for the reverse sear) heavily seasoned with sea salt and left out of the fridge for at least an hour.

Xiaoxing Rice Wine 1 tbsp

Black Rice Vinegar 1 tbsp

Tamari 1 tbsp

Gochugaru 1 tsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Peanut Rāyu 2 tbsp

Preheat the oven to 140 degrees and roast the steak until the internal temp rises to 60 degrees. Depending on thickness this can take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. Preheat your skillet over a high heat and when it’s ripping hot add a dash of vegetable oil and sear the steak quickly on all sides. This happens more quickly than usual as it’s already been roasted so keep an eye on it!

After you achieve a fantastic crust all over remove the steak and deglaze with the rice wine. Allow the alcohol to quickly burn off then follow up with the vinegar, tamari, sugar and gochugaru. Cook this down for just about 30 seconds or so, reducing the heat if necessary, then add 2 generous tablespoons of Peanut Rāyu. Taste and season as you see fit.

Slice your steak (no need to rest after reverse sear) and dress with the sweet, sour and sticky sauce, chives and some chive flowers. 
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