Who We Are

We’re two cooks – Katie and Jasper – who love making food that makes people happy. Between us, we’ve spent 30 years messing with recipes, burning things and bunging way too much chilli in until we got it just right.
Our Story

We met working in a Dublin café. One day, the café owner Aishling brought us in a concoction made by a Japanese lady she knew – a delightful rāyu that reminded me of the banging chilli oils I’d grown up with in Hong Kong. I was buzzing. My one great love is sauces, condiments or whatever you want to call something that creates a flavour explosion. I was inspired to experiment with combinations to add to my travelling larder.

At the time, I was what you might call a ‘nomadic’ chef, doing pop-ups, retreats, and getting inspired by everything from fermentation to seaweed. For two incredible summers, me and Jasper teamed up to turn a boatshed on Ireland’s West Coast into a seaweed restaurant, using the donkey stable as our kitchen! You couldn’t beat the sea views from our chopping boards. Jasper built a homemade tandoor and cooked freshly caught fish straight from the boats. Truly dreamy stuff!

Katie and Jasper in a kitchen Carrots with a lovely glaze
Katie in a larder Larder items

All the while, we would be sneaking our chilli oils into staff meals, and giving people jars of the stuff as presents. Everyone who tried it was hooked. We had people telling us they’d give us the coat off their back for some to take home!

So it felt like the natural next step to rent a stall at the Dublin Flea Market and try selling it. Without a name. Or labels. But with a ballsy belief in how versatile our rāyu was. And before we knew it, we had customers, and a company!

What’s next?

Katie at a market stall
We love honest, nourishing, soulful food. We’ve always believed that simple ingredients are the best, and that will never change. The taste always has to be top-notch, we’ll never compromise on that, but we also believe that business can and should be a force for good. That’s why we are hoping to run ours a little differently.

How can we grow and trade in the current climate but still be doing good? We’re on a mission to get to the bottom of this. It’s just the beginning, but so far we’ve implemented a four day working week so that we offer a good work-life balance, we give dads better paternity benefits, and we’ve introduced a charitable aspect to what we do.

We’re looking into our impact for every aspect of the business, from packaging to sourcing and everything in between. We’ll use the results of this to shape our way forward. More on this later!
white mausu gif
Twisted by design

White Mausu’s look and feel is by Revert, and like everything we do, it’s got its own twist. We’re especially infatuated with the minimal Japanese graphic style of the 1960s and 70s. (And look out for a nod to our Irish roots when you order a box set.)

white mausu gif
Psst! It’s pronounced ‘mouse-ooh’

Mausu is Japanese for mouse, and White Mausu is what our founder Katie’s granny used to call her when she was wee.