About Us

We love making food that makes people happy.

And we are on a mission to make banging condiments that become your household staples.

Founded by Katie Sanderson a Hong Kong born travelling cook, in 2017, we are now a team of 5.

Some of us have cooked in some pretty amazing restaurants, others ran crazy dinners in rainforests, and even an apron company was started along the way.

We bring this collective experience to White Mausu with the aim of making tasty food that's enjoyed far and wide. We also care about having a really good work life balance. We want to think outside the box, question the status quo and make you feel good.

It's important to note that we are an Irish company with Japanese design inspired by our own experience of flavours in places we have lived, travelled and admired. The Chilli Oils that we make have their origins in China and can be traced back for thousands of years. So by starting this company we are adding to the great tapestry of a changing recipe over time and place. But we do so with utmost respect for its backstory and the people that have made it long before we did.

Portrait of Katie Sanderson Close up of White Mausu peanut rayu chilli oil